@TheRealStanLee Twitter Keeps on Twitting to Remind the Fans

@TheRealStanLee Twitter Keeps on Twitting to Remind the Fans – Stan Lee left the world in November 2018 and the fans still couldn’t accept the idea of him leaving the world. His works are beloved by the entire world and his last cameo appearance in Avengers: Endgame makes the fans miss him more. But, you don’t need to feel sad anymore because @TheRealStanLee Twitter will cure your longing for him.

1. Managed Personally at First
If you are a fan of Marvel comics and Stan Lee, especially, you will know that he was very active in managing his social media. He always kept the fans updated and made posts with sign off catchphrase Excelsior! Sometimes, we can also see him interacting with fans through his Twitter account.

Do you remember the time when he asked the fans what power they will like to have if they are superheroes? Yes, he always made the fans imagine something beyond what we ever imagine. He also encouraged the fans to awaken the superheroes’ side within them.

Sometimes, he also posted some videos of him talking about his Marvel characters to answer the fans’ questions. Sadly, the news of his passing devastated the fans and some still miss the interaction of him and the fans through his social media. The Twitter interaction was so live, almost as live as live online games in

2. Managed by POW! Entertainment and #TeamStan
Some must have been wondering about the social media he had because Twitter will alter update his policy and remove inactive accounts from their server. But, the fans can rest assured because @TheRealStanLee Twitter account won’t be the one deleted by the Twitter server. It is because the account is managed by POW! Entertainment together with #TeamStan.
Both of them keep Twitter updated after his passing. Mostly, they posted some throwback contents that will remind us about the young Stan Lee. Sometimes, they also posted some news related to Stan Lee on certain special days. For this Thanksgiving, for example, they posted an image of old Marvel characters that Lee co-created as a gratitude to the fans while keeping his legacy all over the world. They also wish the fans to have great Thanksgiving and they add the catchphrase “Excelsior!” at the end of the twit as if Stan Lee wrote the twit himself.

Although Stan Lee has left the world, his Twitter account is still updated and filled with the memories of him. Twitter itself is now managed by POW! Entertainment and #TeamStan so that you can expect regular updates of the account.