The Last Stan Lee Cameo Left Everyone in Tears

The Last Stan Lee Cameo Left Everyone in Tears – Stan Lee, the original creator of Marvel comics, often participated as a cameo in every Marvel film. Although he didn’t work with Marvel anymore, he actively participated as a cameo to honor his work. He still became a cameo even until the days before he died and the last Stan Lee cameo left his fans and the viewers in tears.

Stan Lee, the Iconic Cameo
Stan Lee is famous as a legend who creates lots of superheroes, from Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Balck Panther, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, The Avengers, Iron Man, and many more. He began his career as a writer until the characters were made into films. He, then, pursued his second career as a professional cameo in the films.

He began his cameo career in 1989 as a jury member of The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, a popular comic which is widely used as a theme in many online gambling games. He became different characters in the films later, such as a hot dog vendor, a bystander, a security guard, and many more. His cameo appearances are around 60 films and it made him into a professional cameo.

The Last Stan Lee Cameo
There were lots of speculations going on in 2018 among the fans. The speculations were about the last movie Stand Lee will appear in 2019. There are new Marvel movies that have finished filming, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Dark Phoenix, Avengers 4, and Captain Marvel.

The Last Stan Lee Cameo Left Everyone in Tears

The answer is revealed on last May 2019. The professional cameo appears in Avenger: Endgame which is the classic Marvel movie that the fans expected. Unlike his other cameos, he filmed the scenes in batches and they did something special for his last appearance.

The cameo showed a younger himself riding a silver Chevelle with black racing stripes down the road. The car had a ‘Nuff Said’ bumper sticker that required extra attention to the spot. He was yelling from the car, “Hey man! Make love, not war.”

It was made into his dialog in his last cameo because he once had an idea to create a hero called Love-man who will be able to change evil and hatred in the world with love. He stated that he loved the idea because Love-man will be the greatest superhero that we need.

The last Stan Lee cameo in Avengers: Endgame is dedicated to his loyal Marvel fans. The cameo will definitely be the last time we see in the Marvel series because of this tragic died in November 2018. Hopefully, the movie will be a great memory for the fans.