Are You Ready For LA Comic Con 2020?

Are You Ready For LA Comic Con 2020? – LA Comic Con – formerly known as Comikaze Expo, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, then Stan Lee’s Comic Con – is the biggest comic book convention in Los Angeles. This event has been held annually since 2011 and will continue to the following 2020. Are you ready for it?

• Wait, Why They Used Stan Lee’s Name?
Apparently, Stan Lee was one of their first partners. After their first event in 2011, Comikaze Expo gained three partners, including Elvira, POW! Entertainment, and Stan Lee himself. From then on, their next events had Stan Lee’s name – the 2012 one is called Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, which then changed to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con in 2016 until 2019.
However, based on its official site, the brand name of the event is simply LA Comic Con. Whether it was changed due to Stan Lee’s death or not is unknown, but this event is a world class famous event, maybe as popular as those online games in

• The Event’s Annual Agenda
Even since it was first held, LA Comic Con always packed with artists, cosplayers, and comic dealers within the event. Though they originally only held in two days, the schedule is about as packed as the last one in 2019. To visit artists or buy merchandise, you can go to the Artist Alley. There are also shows such as panels for celebrities, reunions, or showcasing future film releases. If you are competitive, the event also held several gaming, dancing, and cosplay competition to consider. Attendants are allowed to visit with or without cosplay. Apparently, LA Comic Con also offers ADA accommodations such as ASL interpreters and limited numbers of wheelchairs.

• What About The Future?
Though the artists and guests attending are yet to be released, the official website had put up the next date for the event – September 25-27, 2020. As always, the next event will be held in LA Convention Center. Since LA Comic Con always grew in size every year, expect a bigger wave of people attending it this year. The tickets are yet to be sold, but you can expect them to be open for sale around the middle of the year. This also means that those who are planning to join the competitions still have plenty of time to prepare.

With Stan Lee’s death, this comic convention moved on and removed the first event partner from the event’s name. However, that doesn’t mean that the event is dead – LA Comic Con will continue to open and accommodate more attendants and artists in the future.