Coronavirus Changes All, Including the Upcoming Comic Con 2020

Coronavirus has forced people to stay home for indefinite time and the regular attendees of Comic Con are greatly impacted by the pandemic. Some major events, including Comic Con 2020, will either be cancelled or delayed until further notice. So what will happen to the upcoming Comic Con? Worry not, here are the answers you have been waiting for.
– Comic Con 2020 vs Coronavirus
The Comic Con 2020 was scheduled to be held on September 25-27, but unfortunately, the coronavirus happens. The coronavirus has spread in the US since the beginning of the year and people cannot carry out their daily activities as usual, including attending Comic Con. The staff cannot hold the event on the scheduled dates because there are lots of things to consider and the fans are wondering whether they can still attend the event or not.
You don’t need to worry because the Comic Con 2020 will happen soon. Not on September 25-27, but on December 11-13. They pushed back the date because they sought the professionals’ guidance on how they can carry out the event safely while still making the event fun.

– The Upcoming Comic Con 2020
The upcoming Comic Con will be very different from the previous ones. The staff have prepared lots of new changes that will give all of the participants of the event safe and healthy during the three-day event. The changes include adding more space to hold the event and waiting in lines, limiting attendees, maintaining hygiene, and many more.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming Comic Con 2020, you can expect the ticket sale in September. However, you need to wait for additional notifications of the event because the current condition cannot be predicted. The event may happen or may be cancelled when the health authorities permit it so you need to check the notifications on their official website. You don’t need to worry if the event is cancelled because you can still play online casino card games at from your home.
The upcoming Comic Con 2020 is not cancelled, but delayed. Although fans will need to wait longer, the event will truly be different from the previous Comic Con and it will be safe to visit.