@TheRealStanLee Twitter Keeps on Twitting to Remind the Fans

@TheRealStanLee Twitter Keeps on Twitting to Remind the Fans – Stan Lee left the world in November 2018 and the fans still couldn’t accept the idea of him leaving the world. His works are beloved by the entire world and his last cameo appearance in Avengers: Endgame makes the fans miss him more. But, you don’t need to feel sad anymore because @TheRealStanLee Twitter will cure your longing for him.

1. Managed Personally at First
If you are a fan of Marvel comics and Stan Lee, especially, you will know that he was very active in managing his social media. He always kept the fans updated and made posts with sign off catchphrase Excelsior! Sometimes, we can also see him interacting with fans through his Twitter account.

Do you remember the time when he asked the fans what power they will like to have if they are superheroes? Yes, he always made the fans imagine something beyond what we ever imagine. He also encouraged the fans to awaken the superheroes’ side within them.

Sometimes, he also posted some videos of him talking about his Marvel characters to answer the fans’ questions. Sadly, the news of his passing devastated the fans and some still miss the interaction of him and the fans through his social media. The Twitter interaction was so live, almost as live as live online games in

2. Managed by POW! Entertainment and #TeamStan
Some must have been wondering about the social media he had because Twitter will alter update his policy and remove inactive accounts from their server. But, the fans can rest assured because @TheRealStanLee Twitter account won’t be the one deleted by the Twitter server. It is because the account is managed by POW! Entertainment together with #TeamStan.
Both of them keep Twitter updated after his passing. Mostly, they posted some throwback contents that will remind us about the young Stan Lee. Sometimes, they also posted some news related to Stan Lee on certain special days. For this Thanksgiving, for example, they posted an image of old Marvel characters that Lee co-created as a gratitude to the fans while keeping his legacy all over the world. They also wish the fans to have great Thanksgiving and they add the catchphrase “Excelsior!” at the end of the twit as if Stan Lee wrote the twit himself.

Although Stan Lee has left the world, his Twitter account is still updated and filled with the memories of him. Twitter itself is now managed by POW! Entertainment and #TeamStan so that you can expect regular updates of the account.

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Important Thing About Stan Lee Comic Con In US

Important Thing About Stan Lee Comic Con In US

Important Thing About Stan Lee Comic Con In US – It is still early to say that Stan Lee Comic Con is the best Comic conferencing that you can find in US. It is due to the name of Stan Lee Comic Con was started only few years ago. That is because the previous name of this Comic conference was Los Angeles Comic Con. However, if you consider these two things as the same thing, then you can be sure that visiting the Stan Lee Comic Con is something worth to do rather than going to SBOBET Casino in Los Angeles. If you are still asking about the things that make you have time to see this Comic Con, then to should understand know these reasons below.

The first one is because the event was started many years ago. This is the very first reason why to visit the Stan Lee Comic Con. This even was started many years ago with a very limited audience. However, as the time goes, there are more and more people who are attracted to this Comic Con and visited this Comic Con every single year. As a matter of fact, the number of visitors are increasing steadily with the largest number is on 2018 that reaches 100,000 visitors.

Stan Lee Comic Con Annual Event In US

The second one is this annual event has been considered as the worldwide scale event. It is true that the event takes place in Los Angeles and it is only one part of US. However, to should understand realize that this event is something that attracts a lot of attention, not only from the people in US, but also the people from many other nations in the world. As a matter of fact, the news of the upcoming Stan Lee Comic Con become one of the most anticipated news of many fans out there.

The last one is because the cost that to should understand pay to attend the Comic Con is not that expensive. Of course, there are some conferences that are free to come so that you do not need to pay even a penny to come. However, for a large Comic Con such as Stan Lee Comic Con, to should understand pay for the ticket. Fortunately, the price for the ticket is quite affordable. You can start with the average of 25 to 35 dollars only to get the ticket and enter the conference. It all depends on the day when you want to visit the Comic Con.

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Things You Have To Know About Stan Lee’s Comic Con At Los Angeles

Things You Have To Know About Stan Lee’s Comic Con At Los Angeles

Things You Have To Know About Stan Lee’s Comic Con At Los Angeles – Stan Lee’s Comic Con at Los Angeles, which was known so well as Comikaze Expo before 2016, is a cool event that you cannot miss especially if you are such a big fan of superhero stories. This particular occasion started to steal the attention of the comic lovers in 2012 when Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment joined the event as partners. You will find so many interesting comic related things to explore when you come to the event, such as comic arts, comic book goods, cosplays, showcases, future films, and so many more still. Then, there are so many other things that you have to know about this event. Fortunately, you can find out below.

A Tribute To Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s Comic Con at Los Angeles was firstly held when the Lee was still alive. Yet, the comic con in 2019 has been as one of the events where all of the comic fans felt the huge loss of the legendary and iconic superhero creator as he passed away in November 2018. Besides, there was also San Diego Comic Con, which was the closest event to his death, has three different celebrations in order to give the highest honor to Stan Lee. Apparently, the Comic Con at Los Angeles is about to change its name to LA Comic Con as the team of the even has announced it on the official website. Not only that, they also will let you know that this annual event will be held in LA Convention Center from September 25th to 27th, 2020. It means that the death of Stan Lee will never stop Marvel from releasing their future plans that are so much worthy to wait for.

A Tribute To Stan Lee

The Notable Legacies

Then, Stan Lee’s Comic Con at Los Angeles will definitely remind you of his great legacies that you cannot forget easily for sure. All of the impressive comics which the stories of each of them have amazed you so well are the fabulous treasures. Aside of that, he also gave you the true legacies of the various superheroes that can embrace the larger audience. In the other words, you will find that Stan Lee’s superheroes are more relatable especially for those who have to face the same challenges in the real life. So, all of them will get more recognized, valued, and inspired at the same time when they start enjoying the Stan Lee’s comics.

Coronavirus Changes All, Including the Upcoming Comic Con 2020
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Coronavirus Changes All, Including the Upcoming Comic Con 2020

Coronavirus has forced people to stay home for indefinite time and the regular attendees of Comic Con are greatly impacted by the pandemic. Some major events, including Comic Con 2020, will either be cancelled or delayed until further notice. So what will happen to the upcoming Comic Con? Worry not, here are the answers you have been waiting for.
– Comic Con 2020 vs Coronavirus
The Comic Con 2020 was scheduled to be held on September 25-27, but unfortunately, the coronavirus happens. The coronavirus has spread in the US since the beginning of the year and people cannot carry out their daily activities as usual, including attending Comic Con. The staff cannot hold the event on the scheduled dates because there are lots of things to consider and the fans are wondering whether they can still attend the event or not.
You don’t need to worry because the Comic Con 2020 will happen soon. Not on September 25-27, but on December 11-13. They pushed back the date because they sought the professionals’ guidance on how they can carry out the event safely while still making the event fun.

– The Upcoming Comic Con 2020
The upcoming Comic Con will be very different from the previous ones. The staff have prepared lots of new changes that will give all of the participants of the event safe and healthy during the three-day event. The changes include adding more space to hold the event and waiting in lines, limiting attendees, maintaining hygiene, and many more.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming Comic Con 2020, you can expect the ticket sale in September. However, you need to wait for additional notifications of the event because the current condition cannot be predicted. The event may happen or may be cancelled when the health authorities permit it so you need to check the notifications on their official website. You don’t need to worry if the event is cancelled because you can still play online casino card games at from your home.
The upcoming Comic Con 2020 is not cancelled, but delayed. Although fans will need to wait longer, the event will truly be different from the previous Comic Con and it will be safe to visit.


The Famous Comic Superhero Created By Stan Lee

The Famous Comic Superhero Created By Stan Lee – As we know that Stan Lee is a famous comic book writer who worked on Marvel comic and superheroes. Some of us may be love to read Marvel comic books and often see the movies or games using his work as a theme. The character of the marvel superheroes is quite famous and unique than other superheroes in other comic books out there. Here are some famous comic superheroes created by Stan Lee.

– The Hulk
The Incredible Hulk is first published in 1962. It is created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. These ongoing series tells about the story of a green monster named the Hulk, which is a character of the alter ego of an obedient physicist named Robert Bruce Banner. The character of Hulk emerges because of Bruce Banner’s childhood trauma which made Banner transform into an aggressive green monster if he gets furious or angry because of something.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby said the influence of the character of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Hyde playing an important role in building the character of the Hulk. Later on, the character of Hulk becomes one of the pioneers of the Avenger, which makes it popularity with all the movies and games.

– Thor
Another superhero created by Stan Lee is Thor. As you know, Thor is a character made based on the mythology of the Norse God. He is the God of thunder with a hammer, called Mjolnir. This weapon has several powers, such as dimension transportation, electricity manipulation, weather manipulation and fly. The first appearance of Thor was on the Journey into Mystery #83 which published in August 1962.

Thor created and wrote by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber. The illustration is made by Jack Kirby. Thor comes from Asgard and a part of Asgardian, He is told to long life and has a superpower. Lee describes Thor as a strong and handsome man taken from Greek mythology.

– Iron Man
You must be familiar with the character of Iron Man as a superhero with his cool costume. He is a fictional character who appeared in American comic books. The character of Iron man is described as a cool rich man with a brilliant idea. He loves to have a fun and easy-going person. The character of Iron man is created by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber. The illustration is designed by Jack Kirby and Don Heck.

Stan Lee is a famous comic book writer which worked on Marvel comic. Some famous comic superheroes created by Stan Lee are the Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. The Incredible Hulk is first published in 1962. It is created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. These ongoing series tells about the story of a green monster named the Hulk. Lee describes Thor as a strong and handsome man taken from Greek mythology. The character of Iron man is described as a cool rich man with a brilliant idea.

Are You Ready For LA Comic Con 2020?
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Are You Ready For LA Comic Con 2020?

Are You Ready For LA Comic Con 2020? – LA Comic Con – formerly known as Comikaze Expo, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, then Stan Lee’s Comic Con – is the biggest comic book convention in Los Angeles. This event has been held annually since 2011 and will continue to the following 2020. Are you ready for it?

• Wait, Why They Used Stan Lee’s Name?
Apparently, Stan Lee was one of their first partners. After their first event in 2011, Comikaze Expo gained three partners, including Elvira, POW! Entertainment, and Stan Lee himself. From then on, their next events had Stan Lee’s name – the 2012 one is called Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, which then changed to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con in 2016 until 2019.
However, based on its official site, the brand name of the event is simply LA Comic Con. Whether it was changed due to Stan Lee’s death or not is unknown, but this event is a world class famous event, maybe as popular as those online games in

• The Event’s Annual Agenda
Even since it was first held, LA Comic Con always packed with artists, cosplayers, and comic dealers within the event. Though they originally only held in two days, the schedule is about as packed as the last one in 2019. To visit artists or buy merchandise, you can go to the Artist Alley. There are also shows such as panels for celebrities, reunions, or showcasing future film releases. If you are competitive, the event also held several gaming, dancing, and cosplay competition to consider. Attendants are allowed to visit with or without cosplay. Apparently, LA Comic Con also offers ADA accommodations such as ASL interpreters and limited numbers of wheelchairs.

• What About The Future?
Though the artists and guests attending are yet to be released, the official website had put up the next date for the event – September 25-27, 2020. As always, the next event will be held in LA Convention Center. Since LA Comic Con always grew in size every year, expect a bigger wave of people attending it this year. The tickets are yet to be sold, but you can expect them to be open for sale around the middle of the year. This also means that those who are planning to join the competitions still have plenty of time to prepare.

With Stan Lee’s death, this comic convention moved on and removed the first event partner from the event’s name. However, that doesn’t mean that the event is dead – LA Comic Con will continue to open and accommodate more attendants and artists in the future.

The Last Stan Lee Cameo Left Everyone in Tears
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The Last Stan Lee Cameo Left Everyone in Tears

The Last Stan Lee Cameo Left Everyone in Tears – Stan Lee, the original creator of Marvel comics, often participated as a cameo in every Marvel film. Although he didn’t work with Marvel anymore, he actively participated as a cameo to honor his work. He still became a cameo even until the days before he died and the last Stan Lee cameo left his fans and the viewers in tears.

Stan Lee, the Iconic Cameo
Stan Lee is famous as a legend who creates lots of superheroes, from Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Balck Panther, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, The Avengers, Iron Man, and many more. He began his career as a writer until the characters were made into films. He, then, pursued his second career as a professional cameo in the films.

He began his cameo career in 1989 as a jury member of The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, a popular comic which is widely used as a theme in many online gambling games. He became different characters in the films later, such as a hot dog vendor, a bystander, a security guard, and many more. His cameo appearances are around 60 films and it made him into a professional cameo.

The Last Stan Lee Cameo
There were lots of speculations going on in 2018 among the fans. The speculations were about the last movie Stand Lee will appear in 2019. There are new Marvel movies that have finished filming, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Dark Phoenix, Avengers 4, and Captain Marvel.

The Last Stan Lee Cameo Left Everyone in Tears

The answer is revealed on last May 2019. The professional cameo appears in Avenger: Endgame which is the classic Marvel movie that the fans expected. Unlike his other cameos, he filmed the scenes in batches and they did something special for his last appearance.

The cameo showed a younger himself riding a silver Chevelle with black racing stripes down the road. The car had a ‘Nuff Said’ bumper sticker that required extra attention to the spot. He was yelling from the car, “Hey man! Make love, not war.”

It was made into his dialog in his last cameo because he once had an idea to create a hero called Love-man who will be able to change evil and hatred in the world with love. He stated that he loved the idea because Love-man will be the greatest superhero that we need.

The last Stan Lee cameo in Avengers: Endgame is dedicated to his loyal Marvel fans. The cameo will definitely be the last time we see in the Marvel series because of this tragic died in November 2018. Hopefully, the movie will be a great memory for the fans.

Stan Lee Behind the Spotlight
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Stan Lee Behind the Spotlight

Stan Lee Behind the Spotlight – Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel comic character, left the world in 2018. Even though he isn’t there anymore, his life is still in the spotlight. It was all because of the relationship with his daughter and the people around him and immediately invaded his life. To this day, some fans still pity him about it.

Relationship between Stan Lee and his daughter
Stan Lee and his wife, Joan Lee, have two daughters named Joan Celia “J.C.” Lee and Jan Lee. Unfortunately, Jan Lee died three days after giving birth and only left them with J.C. Lee. Relationship between Stan Lee and J.C. Lee has never been well.

A 67-year-old girl who is not married often creates problems because of her attitude. It’s no secret that her daughter has been expelled from several businesses in Los Angeles because of her angry personality.

He cannot support himself and he always transgresses. For some time, J.C. Lee will demand more money to be transferred on his credit card. That made him angry by screaming, screaming, and crying. According to his former caregiver, his daughter always calls him and argues about little things. They fight a lot, but it’s not too bad, thanks to his wife.

His life after his wife died
After Joan Lee died in 2017, tensions between Lee and his daughter worsened. He could not control his anger and he demanded that he move the property to his name. But, Stan Lee didn’t because he was afraid that after he died, he would become homeless.

Long story short, Stan Lee fell ill and needed intensive care. He already has a secretary and other workers he trusts around him, but because of his condition, he can’t hold back when his daughter takes care of everything for him.

He and his three allies took over legal and medical matters which made everyone suspicious. What’s worse is when they turn Stan Lee’s blood into several types of merchandise. They extracted blood as special ink for pens and stamps, and of course, his daughter was behind him.

It’s no secret that the relationship between Stan Lee and his daughter, J.C. Lee is not going well. Bad relationships get worse when the wife leaves the world in 2017. J.C. Lee began to argue more with him and influence every aspect of his life.

Comic Con Stan Lee Ex Comikaze Event
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Comic Con Stan Lee Ex Comikaze Event

Comic Con Stan Lee Ex Comikaze Event is an event in Los Angeles to encompass some genres for particular communities. This event held the first time as the initiative from Regina Caprinelli in which LA actually needs some more events from the comic.

In that city, the comic convention is still too small. After some years, this comic con event has partnership with Stan Lee’s company. By that time, this event name changed into Comic Con Stan Lee. Stan Lee’s reputation hits the spot and attracts so many people. His works are used in movies.

– Behind the Name of Stan Lee
To make this event more successful, they finally add Stan Lee’s name as the owner of PAW! Entertainment is to be the name of this event. The change works well and public now already know what Comic Con Stan Lee is. This event soon becomes a huge one.

  • L.A Convention Centre
    In 2012, the event was held in South Hall of Los Angeles Convention Centre. This is the first time they use their new name after rebranding Stan Lee’s Comikaze.
  • 600 Artists and vendors
    Why this events become so famous, because they have support from more than 600 artist and vendors. Many of them are the big vendors and also big companies of comic and online gambling games publisher.

– Cross Genres
This event getting bigger by the year, and since 2012, they have many genres for encompassing games Those favorites genres are:

  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Animation
  • Pop – Cultures
    After success with with Comikaze project, then many TV Shows also appear. One of them is SyFy and this TV Shows becomes very popular because some pop culture fans could live together in the apartment in Los Angeles.

After that, they held cosplay event for all participants in the TV Shows. This makes all of Stan Lee’s Project more popular. And also fans are very enthusiastic to come o that event annually. In 2016, rebranding was happened again.

Now the title become Stan Lee’s L.A Comic Con. As the improvements, this panel is changed into a discussion panel that discuss to variety topics. After the event, they always hold dance party in the whole night. In 2014 introduced Cosplay Dance Party in Nokia Club.

The success story of Stan Lee now becomes the best memory that for his fans. And all his creativity still remain until now. Comic Con also become one of the best discussion panel for cross genre in TV Serial and also latest movie. The best par tis that, Comic Con successfully become “the encompass” for all genres in the world.

What to Wear in Stan Lee Comic Con
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What to Wear in Stan Lee Comic Con

Here’s a thing about big events like Stan Lee Comic Con – they are fun, but they are also so crowded that it’s going to be humid there even if the event is dated in colder seasons. Then, how do we plan what to wear in Stan Lee Comic Con?

1. For Casual Visitors
If you visit the comic con simply to look around and enjoy the festivities, then it’s best to dress light. Wait, isn’t Stan Lee Comic Con is usually around October? Yes, but the venue itself is always crowded so it’s easy to feel hot inside. That’s why it’s best to dress light – a shirt, trousers, and comfortable footwear should be sufficient. If going back out to the cold is an issue, bring a tote bag or backpack to store a jacket along with your essentials!

2. For Shopping Visitor
Again, as long as you are there to enjoy the event, then dressing light is the way to go. However, you might want to consider picking body fit clothes if you plan to shop in Stan Lee Comic Con. Oftentimes, the merchandise booths are crowded, which is why body fit clothes will help you to move around.

You might want to wear sneakers as well since shopping requires a lot of standing and walking. Not to mention, bringing ‘loots’ around require a lot of legwork as well. Speaking of loots, you may want to consider bringing a big backpack and a few foldable shopping bags, in case you ended up hoarding a lot of items.

What to Wear in Stan Lee Comic Con

3. For Cosplayers
Cosplayers are more than welcome in Stan Lee Comic Con. Sadly, your body may not accept cosplaying as much as the community do. After all, the battle with humidity in the venue is still there, not to mention the heavy get up you will wear.

But don’t worry, you can pick simple costumes as well. If style is your priority, try choosing light and breathable cloth material when assembling the costume. If the costume requires high heels, make sure to bring sandals or sneakers to change into.

Do you know what to wear in Stan Lee Comic Con? Stan Lee Comic Con is the biggest comic event around, but that also means that it’s probably the most crowded too. That’s why it’s best to be strategic with clothes, especially if you want to enjoy the events throughout this time.

Things to Do when Attending the Comic Con
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Things to Do when Attending the Comic Con

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con is the best place for comic lover and culture geek to come around and share the same happiness with one another. This entertainment and comic convention are held every year in the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

There are many exciting things await you in the Comic-Con. You can meet your favorite artists and ask for the picture together. How awesome is that! However, some people might get lost in their excitement and not prepare properly for the Comic Con. Here are some things to do when attending the Comic-Con.

Come Early
You need to prepare for the worst scenario can be, traffic jam, raining day, you name it. It is better to come early rather than get a bad situation on the way you come to the event. People get excited for meeting their favorite artist/actor. Don’t let anything ruin your mood for the day you waiting for.

You can prepare for a while and relax while waiting for the event to begin. You can take a look at the schedule and merchandise booths. Find the right room for joining the panel discussion or stand in a line to meet your comic figures to take a photo.

Keep Calm
The overexcitement won’t bring you anywhere! Don’t lose control when you meet your favorite public figure in the Comic-Con. There are many guests who are actress, actors, comic writer, designer, tattoo artists and more. One of these public figures maybe is your “crush.” One thing that you should remember that public figure is a normal people like you are.

Don’t too excited and scream out loud. There are thousands of people in this event and you won’t mess up! You can greet them politely so they can comfort with you. It will give you an advantage in asking sign and picture to be easier than ever!
Be Friendly and Open

Things to Do when Attending the Comic Con

You might meet new friends that can share the same interest as you. Don’t hesitate to start little chat while you are attending the panel’s discussion or visiting the merchant booths. Many people come to the Comic-Con because they have the same interest in the comic book and pop culture. You can make a new friend and it will give you benefits in the future.
Attending the biggest comic event is a not a trivial thing to do. You would better prepare some stuff that you need and do some points to make everything goes smoothly. The best Things to do when attending the Comic-Con are come early, keep calm and be friendly with everyone.

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Save the Date for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con
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Save the Date for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

What is the best event for comic lovers? The biggest and the best one is Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. This event is legendary and will become the most unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the event and as if you are in the comic world. So save the date for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con.

1. Usually Held Around September-November
In the beginning, this event was held in November. In 2012, it was held in September, but mostly this event was held in October. So make sure that you will be ready in those months for comic con.

The announcement of the event is usually on August. However, the rumour that the next year’s event will be held in October was already spread. Just wait for the exact announcement from the committee and you will have enough time to arrange your plan to go to the comic con.

2. What Should I do There?
Basically, you don’t need to do anything. Just come and enjoy the events. You can participate in the game area such as Nerf Battle or you can hunt for comic artists’ and creators’ signatures. You can also hunt for the rare items and merchants about comic books here. If you are interested in issues around the comic world, just come to the panel discussion and be ready to be amazed.

One day to explore comic con? It will never be enough. This event is usually held for three days with different attractions each day. If you want, you can come three days straight. This will be the most wonderful in your comic world life.

This one will be the greatest disappointment if you miss it. So, mark your calendar and save the date for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. It is guaranteed that you will drop your jaw if you join this event and you will eager to come to the next event.

Four Interesting Facts about Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con
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Four Interesting Facts about Stan Lee’s LA Comic-Con

When we talk about the comic diehard fans, it always associated with the Comic-Con that happened now in several places in the USA. One of the Comic Cons that people always talk about is Stan’s Lee Comic Con. Here are four interesting facts about the Comic-Con that you should know.

– The Name Changing
This event was named as Comikaze at first in 2011. Then it was changed into Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo one year later after Stan Lee formed a partnership. In 2016, the event name changed into Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con and for this year it is changed into L.A. Comic Con.

The Number of Attendances Always Increasing Year by Year
When the Carpinelli family held the event in 2011, it was around 35,000 people who attend this event. The number is increasing every year. In 2016, the number of attendances reached into 91,000 people. In 2017, it increased into 100,000 people. Based on their website, this year attendance was around 106,000 people.

– The Best Cosplay Party
In this comic con, you will find lots of people who will dress up as their favourite superheroes. You will see lots of Batman, Captain America, Spider-man, Ironman, Dr Strange and even Groot in this event. It is really the best cosplay party more than you can imagine

– Many Artists and Creator Joining this Event
In 2018 L.A. Comic Con there are several artists and creators who attend this event as guests. The artists are Danny Trejo, Katie Cassidy, Ryan Hurst, Michael Biehn, Neil Ross, and many more. Rob Liefeld as the creator of Deadpool, X-Force, and Domino also join the event as the guest. Other creators that participate in this event are Skottie Young, Greg Capullo, Ryan Ottley, Donny Cates and many more.

Based on website, the L.A. Comic Con has announced that the upcoming event will be held on 11-13 October 2019 in the L.A. Convention Center. So, for those who want to attend this event, you could start to plan ahead to witness this spectacular Comic-Con.

The History of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con
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The History of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is the biggest event for comic’s artists, creators, and fans. You can say that this is the heaven of the comic world because you can have everything about the comic in this event. Even, you can join as your favourite comic characters. However, how is the history of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con?

• From Comikaze Expo to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

This event is originally named as Comikaze Expo and inaugurated at November 5th – 6th, 2011 in Kentia Hall of Los Angeles Convention Centre. At the first time, the participants are the local artists, comic book publishers and dealers, press vendors, designers and collectables merchants, also tattoo artists.

Because of its success, the creator Stan Lee and his company had a partnership with this Comikaze Expo event in 2012. The Comikaze Expo changed into Stan Lee’s Comikaze. This event became the tourist attraction and almost doubled the attendees which were 50,000 attendees. It was a great success.

Then after that, in 2016 this event’s name became Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. This event adds more entertainments such as a dance party. Not only that, but this event is also an attraction to comic lovers who want to join the panel discussion on various topics.

• The Development of the Events

This event was already so big at the beginning. They had the local artist that will give their sign in the Artist Alley, also the cosplay competition which attracted so many people to watch and also to join it with their own costumes.

Nowadays, this event is more developed with various international artists join in the panel discussion or wear certain iconic costumes. There are also games area such as Zombie Apocalypse obstacle course and Quidditch that attendees can join at

By knowing the history of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, do you feel more eager to come to this event? So, prepare yourself from now on to come to the next event that is usually held in October. Mark your calendar now!

People behind the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con
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People behind the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is an event of entertainment and comic convention which focus on the Los Angeles community which hold for three days in the Los Angeles Convention Center, California every year. There a lot of people who are interested in this event, the data shown the number of attendees rise every year.

There are some people behind Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con that make this event successful and be the largest comic event in Los Angeles, California.

– The Carpinellis
The original idea of first Comic-Con comes from Regina Carpinelli and her two brothers. They used to participate in and attend the San Diego Comic-Con International and after they moved to Los Angeles, California, they couldn’t find the same event in this city. Based on their experience they decide to organize the first Comic event in Los Angeles under the Comikaze Entertainment Inc. Later, it becomes the official name of the first Comic-Con event.

Regina Carpinelli becomes the creator of some famous events besides Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. They are RuPaul’s DragonCon LA and NY, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, The Trevor Projects Trevor Live Galas, and many more. The Carpinellis also work on talent buying, marketing, sponsor vendor, logistics and more.

– Stan Lee
Stan Lee is another person who makes the Comic-Con becoming big and success with its attractive programs and vendors. Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, publisher, and editor that have made many famous comic books.
Some action figures and characters are born because of Stan Lee. He creates those characters and lives them up through comic books also movies. Some of the fictional characters are The X-men, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Ant-Man Dare Devil, Balck Panther, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four and more.

People behind the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic ConIn 2012, Stan Lee and Cassandra Peterson join a partnership and rebranding the name of the event to be Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. This rebranding aims to expand the event into bigger scales.

– Cassandra Peterson
Cassandra Peterson also was known as Elvira. Elvira is the character she plays as the mistress of the Dark in the Comic-Con. She is a hostess for the horror movies. Her breakthrough in 2012 with Stan Lee brings her name to be the person behind Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

There are some names of people behind Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con that you should know. They are the Carpinellis, Stan Lee and Cassandra Peterson.

Games You Can Expect in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con
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Games You Can Expect in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a legendary annual event for comic fans. Not only because of the wonderful world of the comic being alive in this event but also the games that attendees can join. So they can surely experience being a part of their favourite comics. Well, what games you can expect in Stan Lee’s LA comic con?

• Nerf Battle
If you have a Nerf, a toy gun, then you know how exciting the Nerf battle will be. This game is held in the comic con so you can feel the sensation of the gun battle in the comic. It is will give you an adrenaline rush while doing the battle and you can make your imagination alive. Don’t have the Nerf gun? Just don’t worry you can get one in near the game location.

• Zombie Apocalypse
This is a game where your fear of zombie becomes real. You will be pursued by numerous zombies and you need to stay alive in this game in order to win, just like in the game. You will experience the sensation of adrenalin rush in this game and you can use all of the knowledge of this game. Just don’t worry, the zombies will not really eat your brain.

Games You Can Expect in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

• Quidditch
If you a Potterhead, you should have known this game. Quidditch is basically similar to basketball, but the players using a broomstick to fly and try to score the point by putting the ball, named quaffle, in one of three opponent’s ring. Can you imagine how this kind of game happens in real life? Just join the tournament in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con.

So, they are so exciting, aren’t they? You definitely try the games you can expect in Stan Lee’s LA comic con and feel the excitement just like living inside your favourite comic! Happy playing!

What is Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con?
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What is Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con?

Some of you might be familiar with Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. For those of you who are the huge fans of the comic book, the name of Stan Lee is must not a new name in the comic world. Stan Lee is the father of various famous figure icons of comic books, such as Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, X-Men and more.

For these past few days, the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con currently being discussed and becoming a trending in social media. Actually, what is Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con? Find the answer below.

The Description of Events
Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is an annual event of the comic convention that held in Los Angeles Convention Center, California. This comic convention is held for three days. In this event, you can see various genres of comic such as anime, comic, pop culture, horror, sci-fi, and gaming.

The Brief History
The original idea of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con comes from Regina Carpinelli and her two brothers who are the fans of pop culture. They used to attend the San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego. They found that there is no such event in Los Angeles After they moved to this city. They decided to make the Comic-Con for Los Angeles area and named their company as Comikaze Entertainment Inc.

They start to arrange the first comic convention in Los Angeles in 2011 and titled it with Comikaze Expo. In 2012, the famous American comic writer and Cassandra Peterson join the Comikaze Expo and rebrand the name of the convention into Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo which later in 2016, the name was changed into Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

What’s there?
In this multi-genre comic and entertainment convention, you can meet the local artists, tattoo artist, comic writer, designers, and more. There are many traditional contests, cosplay contest also tournaments in games that you won’t be missed! Don’t forget about the Artists’ Alley where you can take a picture and ask for a signature from your favorite artists. You can meet many action figures and people who dress in cosplay costume. All fun and new experience can be found in Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con is the best place for having fun and shares your excitement on comic figures to the high level of experience!

Legendary Costumes in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con
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Legendary Costumes in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

When you talk about Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, what will be in your mind first of the first thing? Maybe it’s the panel discussion, the chance of meeting the comic creators, the games, the merchandises? Well, the cosplay is one of the things there, isn’t it? If you are interested in joining the cosplay, here are some Legendary Costumes in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. What are they?

• Spiderman – Spiderwoman
Well, this character’s costume is may be the most favored in the Comic-Con. Many attendees choose to wear this costume to honor Stan Lee as the creator of Spiderman. However, there are so many creative Spiderman costumes so the costumes are not just that plain. One of them is Spiderwoman. Well, it is unique and break the gender thing in Spiderman.

• Joker
This character has its own fans and there are so many fans are trying to copy its costume in the Comic-Con. You can see this Batman’s opponent in wherever you are in this event. The thing about this character’s costume is that you can go as crazy as you want since the character itself is so crazy. When you do this costume, just don’t forget to practice your evil smile and laugh too.

• Iron Man
This costume will be said as the best if you can make one as detail as you can. There are some attendees try to make the iron man Armour. They make an incredible costume, complete with the light from the hands and feet. Some of them also make the sound of Jarvis, the artificial intelligence which is made by Iron Man. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, which Legendary Costumes in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con that will be your inspiration in making a costume? Prepare it well and be the outstanding costume in the next comic con. See you there!

Save Your Energy for Stan Lee Comic Con
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Save Your Energy for Stan Lee Comic Con

Those who want to go to Stan Lee Comic-Con will have to wait for a year. We still have a long time to go, right? Don’t be naive. There are so many things to prepare in the span of a year, especially energy. But do you know how to save your energy for Stan Lee Comic Con?

Why Energy?
Stan Lee Comic Con is a three-day event with jam-packed schedule. So, you can’t just sleep the fatigue off, especially if you are visiting for the three whole days. That’s why saving energy is necessary even before the event started.
How Can You Save Your Energy for Stan Lee Comic Con 2019
Now we know that we need to save our energy. But how? Well, there are some ways to prepare of Stan Lee Comic Con. Let’s start preparing before the event started:

• Purchase the tickets way before the due date. The ticket can run out easily when you buy it close or even on the day of the event. So, buying it beforehand will save your time and energy to worry.

• Find a good parking spot. Unless you are super early, the parking spots available around the venue are likely to be taken. It’s better to find parking spots that take a bit of walking – they are usually wallet-friendly as well.

Now that you have prepared to go, get ready to tackle some problems in the event:

• Food. The food vendors in Stan Lee Comic Con tends to have long lines, not to mention pricey. Bringing your own snacks will be more convenient. Don’t forget to eat before and after visiting the event too.

• Essentials. Fully charge your phone and bring a battery pack, water bottle, your wallet, and some cash in a small messenger bag or backpack. This way, you can get around without worrying about your items.

• Humidity. The event is very crowded for so the venue can get hot by a few steps in. Dress lightly and dehydrate regularly to avoid heatstroke.

• Walking. Going around the event all day, not to mention three whole days, will require you a lot of walking. Wear sneakers and don’t forget to take breaks now and then.

While 2018’s Stan Lee Comic-Con is over, it will come back in 2019 and years to come. Moreover, it will possibly blow up even bigger than the last years! So, get ready and save your energy for Stan Lee Comic Con 2019!

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a Must
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Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a Must

If you are a fan of comic books and fortunately you are visiting Los Angeles around October, you should join Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. This occasion is made for any comic lovers who want to share their collection, buy limited edition comic books, wearing their favorite costumes, and anything related to comic books. However, why Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a must?

• It is Only Held Once a Year
This amazing event is only held once a year and usually lasts for three days. Only on those three days, you can satisfy your imagination about comic characters and comic worlds because they are real! So if you miss the chance to go to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, you should wait for another year to see your superheroes walk in front of you.

• So Many Rare Items
For the comic collectors, this event is a must because they can get the rare items to be put in their collections. This is the time for the collectors to share and buy some collections, usually at a reasonable price. You can get the rare figurines, rare comic books, and rare merchandises. Anything you want about the comic is here.

• Meet Your Favorite Comic Creators and Artist
This event is the place of the comic creators and artists. So maybe you can bump to various creators of your favorite comic characters and get their signs. You can also join the discussion of the latest topic of a comic in this event which will enrich your knowledge about this comic world.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are in LA during Comic Con’s time, you should go there since Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a must. Bring your dream to see your comic characters or be one of them comes true!

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