What is Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con?

Some of you might be familiar with Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. For those of you who are the huge fans of the comic book, the name of Stan Lee is must not a new name in the comic world. Stan Lee is the father of various famous figure icons of comic books, such as Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, X-Men and more.

For these past few days, the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con currently being discussed and becoming a trending in social media. Actually, what is Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con? Find the answer below.

The Description of Events
Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is an annual event of the comic convention that held in Los Angeles Convention Center, California. This comic convention is held for three days. In this event, you can see various genres of comic such as anime, comic, pop culture, horror, sci-fi, and gaming.

The Brief History
The original idea of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con comes from Regina Carpinelli and her two brothers who are the fans of pop culture. They used to attend the San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego. They found that there is no such event in Los Angeles After they moved to this city. They decided to make the Comic-Con for Los Angeles area and named their company as Comikaze Entertainment Inc.

They start to arrange the first comic convention in Los Angeles in 2011 and titled it with Comikaze Expo. In 2012, the famous American comic writer and Cassandra Peterson join the Comikaze Expo and rebrand the name of the convention into Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo which later in 2016, the name was changed into Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

What’s there?
In this multi-genre comic and entertainment convention, you can meet the local artists, tattoo artist, comic writer, designers, and more. There are many traditional contests, cosplay contest also tournaments in games that you won’t be missed! Don’t forget about the Artists’ Alley where you can take a picture and ask for a signature from your favorite artists. You can meet many action figures and people who dress in cosplay costume. All fun and new experience can be found in Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con is the best place for having fun and shares your excitement on comic figures to the high level of experience!