The History of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is the biggest event for comic’s artists, creators, and fans. You can say that this is the heaven of the comic world because you can have everything about the comic in this event. Even, you can join as your favourite comic characters. However, how is the history of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con?

• From Comikaze Expo to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

This event is originally named as Comikaze Expo and inaugurated at November 5th – 6th, 2011 in Kentia Hall of Los Angeles Convention Centre. At the first time, the participants are the local artists, comic book publishers and dealers, press vendors, designers and collectables merchants, also tattoo artists.

Because of its success, the creator Stan Lee and his company had a partnership with this Comikaze Expo event in 2012. The Comikaze Expo changed into Stan Lee’s Comikaze. This event became the tourist attraction and almost doubled the attendees which were 50,000 attendees. It was a great success.

Then after that, in 2016 this event’s name became Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. This event adds more entertainments such as a dance party. Not only that, but this event is also an attraction to comic lovers who want to join the panel discussion on various topics.

• The Development of the Events

This event was already so big at the beginning. They had the local artist that will give their sign in the Artist Alley, also the cosplay competition which attracted so many people to watch and also to join it with their own costumes.

Nowadays, this event is more developed with various international artists join in the panel discussion or wear certain iconic costumes. There are also games area such as Zombie Apocalypse obstacle course and Quidditch that attendees can join at

By knowing the history of Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, do you feel more eager to come to this event? So, prepare yourself from now on to come to the next event that is usually held in October. Mark your calendar now!