Save Your Energy for Stan Lee Comic Con

Those who want to go to Stan Lee Comic-Con will have to wait for a year. We still have a long time to go, right? Don’t be naive. There are so many things to prepare in the span of a year, especially energy. But do you know how to save your energy for Stan Lee Comic Con?

Why Energy?
Stan Lee Comic Con is a three-day event with jam-packed schedule. So, you can’t just sleep the fatigue off, especially if you are visiting for the three whole days. That’s why saving energy is necessary even before the event started.
How Can You Save Your Energy for Stan Lee Comic Con 2019
Now we know that we need to save our energy. But how? Well, there are some ways to prepare of Stan Lee Comic Con. Let’s start preparing before the event started:

• Purchase the tickets way before the due date. The ticket can run out easily when you buy it close or even on the day of the event. So, buying it beforehand will save your time and energy to worry.

• Find a good parking spot. Unless you are super early, the parking spots available around the venue are likely to be taken. It’s better to find parking spots that take a bit of walking – they are usually wallet-friendly as well.

Now that you have prepared to go, get ready to tackle some problems in the event:

• Food. The food vendors in Stan Lee Comic Con tends to have long lines, not to mention pricey. Bringing your own snacks will be more convenient. Don’t forget to eat before and after visiting the event too.

• Essentials. Fully charge your phone and bring a battery pack, water bottle, your wallet, and some cash in a small messenger bag or backpack. This way, you can get around without worrying about your items.

• Humidity. The event is very crowded for so the venue can get hot by a few steps in. Dress lightly and dehydrate regularly to avoid heatstroke.

• Walking. Going around the event all day, not to mention three whole days, will require you a lot of walking. Wear sneakers and don’t forget to take breaks now and then.

While 2018’s Stan Lee Comic-Con is over, it will come back in 2019 and years to come. Moreover, it will possibly blow up even bigger than the last years! So, get ready and save your energy for Stan Lee Comic Con 2019!