Legendary Costumes in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

When you talk about Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, what will be in your mind first of the first thing? Maybe it’s the panel discussion, the chance of meeting the comic creators, the games, the merchandises? Well, the cosplay is one of the things there, isn’t it? If you are interested in joining the cosplay, here are some Legendary Costumes in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. What are they?

• Spiderman – Spiderwoman
Well, this character’s costume is may be the most favored in the Comic-Con. Many attendees choose to wear this costume to honor Stan Lee as the creator of Spiderman. However, there are so many creative Spiderman costumes so the costumes are not just that plain. One of them is Spiderwoman. Well, it is unique and break the gender thing in Spiderman.

• Joker
This character has its own fans and there are so many fans are trying to copy its costume in the Comic-Con. You can see this Batman’s opponent in wherever you are in this event. The thing about this character’s costume is that you can go as crazy as you want since the character itself is so crazy. When you do this costume, just don’t forget to practice your evil smile and laugh too.

• Iron Man
This costume will be said as the best if you can make one as detail as you can. There are some attendees try to make the iron man Armour. They make an incredible costume, complete with the light from the hands and feet. Some of them also make the sound of Jarvis, the artificial intelligence which is made by Iron Man. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, which Legendary Costumes in Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con that will be your inspiration in making a costume? Prepare it well and be the outstanding costume in the next comic con. See you there!