Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a Must

If you are a fan of comic books and fortunately you are visiting Los Angeles around October, you should join Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. This occasion is made for any comic lovers who want to share their collection, buy limited edition comic books, wearing their favorite costumes, and anything related to comic books. However, why Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a must?

• It is Only Held Once a Year
This amazing event is only held once a year and usually lasts for three days. Only on those three days, you can satisfy your imagination about comic characters and comic worlds because they are real! So if you miss the chance to go to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, you should wait for another year to see your superheroes walk in front of you.

• So Many Rare Items
For the comic collectors, this event is a must because they can get the rare items to be put in their collections. This is the time for the collectors to share and buy some collections, usually at a reasonable price. You can get the rare figurines, rare comic books, and rare merchandises. Anything you want about the comic is here.

• Meet Your Favorite Comic Creators and Artist
This event is the place of the comic creators and artists. So maybe you can bump to various creators of your favorite comic characters and get their signs. You can also join the discussion of the latest topic of a comic in this event which will enrich your knowledge about this comic world.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are in LA during Comic Con’s time, you should go there since Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con is a must. Bring your dream to see your comic characters or be one of them comes true!