Save the Date for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

What is the best event for comic lovers? The biggest and the best one is Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. This event is legendary and will become the most unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the event and as if you are in the comic world. So save the date for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con.

1. Usually Held Around September-November
In the beginning, this event was held in November. In 2012, it was held in September, but mostly this event was held in October. So make sure that you will be ready in those months for comic con.

The announcement of the event is usually on August. However, the rumour that the next year’s event will be held in October was already spread. Just wait for the exact announcement from the committee and you will have enough time to arrange your plan to go to the comic con.

2. What Should I do There?
Basically, you don’t need to do anything. Just come and enjoy the events. You can participate in the game area such as Nerf Battle or you can hunt for comic artists’ and creators’ signatures. You can also hunt for the rare items and merchants about comic books here. If you are interested in issues around the comic world, just come to the panel discussion and be ready to be amazed.

One day to explore comic con? It will never be enough. This event is usually held for three days with different attractions each day. If you want, you can come three days straight. This will be the most wonderful in your comic world life.

This one will be the greatest disappointment if you miss it. So, mark your calendar and save the date for Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. It is guaranteed that you will drop your jaw if you join this event and you will eager to come to the next event.