Comic Con Stan Lee Ex Comikaze Event

Comic Con Stan Lee Ex Comikaze Event is an event in Los Angeles to encompass some genres for particular communities. This event held the first time as the initiative from Regina Caprinelli in which LA actually needs some more events from the comic.

In that city, the comic convention is still too small. After some years, this comic con event has partnership with Stan Lee’s company. By that time, this event name changed into Comic Con Stan Lee. Stan Lee’s reputation hits the spot and attracts so many people. His works are used in movies.

– Behind the Name of Stan Lee
To make this event more successful, they finally add Stan Lee’s name as the owner of PAW! Entertainment is to be the name of this event. The change works well and public now already know what Comic Con Stan Lee is. This event soon becomes a huge one.

  • L.A Convention Centre
    In 2012, the event was held in South Hall of Los Angeles Convention Centre. This is the first time they use their new name after rebranding Stan Lee’s Comikaze.
  • 600 Artists and vendors
    Why this events become so famous, because they have support from more than 600 artist and vendors. Many of them are the big vendors and also big companies of comic and online gambling games publisher.

– Cross Genres
This event getting bigger by the year, and since 2012, they have many genres for encompassing games Those favorites genres are:

  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Animation
  • Pop – Cultures
    After success with with Comikaze project, then many TV Shows also appear. One of them is SyFy and this TV Shows becomes very popular because some pop culture fans could live together in the apartment in Los Angeles.

After that, they held cosplay event for all participants in the TV Shows. This makes all of Stan Lee’s Project more popular. And also fans are very enthusiastic to come o that event annually. In 2016, rebranding was happened again.

Now the title become Stan Lee’s L.A Comic Con. As the improvements, this panel is changed into a discussion panel that discuss to variety topics. After the event, they always hold dance party in the whole night. In 2014 introduced Cosplay Dance Party in Nokia Club.

The success story of Stan Lee now becomes the best memory that for his fans. And all his creativity still remain until now. Comic Con also become one of the best discussion panel for cross genre in TV Serial and also latest movie. The best par tis that, Comic Con successfully become “the encompass” for all genres in the world.