People behind the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is an event of entertainment and comic convention which focus on the Los Angeles community which hold for three days in the Los Angeles Convention Center, California every year. There a lot of people who are interested in this event, the data shown the number of attendees rise every year.

There are some people behind Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con that make this event successful and be the largest comic event in Los Angeles, California.

– The Carpinellis
The original idea of first Comic-Con comes from Regina Carpinelli and her two brothers. They used to participate in and attend the San Diego Comic-Con International and after they moved to Los Angeles, California, they couldn’t find the same event in this city. Based on their experience they decide to organize the first Comic event in Los Angeles under the Comikaze Entertainment Inc. Later, it becomes the official name of the first Comic-Con event.

Regina Carpinelli becomes the creator of some famous events besides Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. They are RuPaul’s DragonCon LA and NY, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, The Trevor Projects Trevor Live Galas, and many more. The Carpinellis also work on talent buying, marketing, sponsor vendor, logistics and more.

– Stan Lee
Stan Lee is another person who makes the Comic-Con becoming big and success with its attractive programs and vendors. Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, publisher, and editor that have made many famous comic books.
Some action figures and characters are born because of Stan Lee. He creates those characters and lives them up through comic books also movies. Some of the fictional characters are The X-men, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Ant-Man Dare Devil, Balck Panther, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four and more.

People behind the Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic ConIn 2012, Stan Lee and Cassandra Peterson join a partnership and rebranding the name of the event to be Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. This rebranding aims to expand the event into bigger scales.

– Cassandra Peterson
Cassandra Peterson also was known as Elvira. Elvira is the character she plays as the mistress of the Dark in the Comic-Con. She is a hostess for the horror movies. Her breakthrough in 2012 with Stan Lee brings her name to be the person behind Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

There are some names of people behind Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con that you should know. They are the Carpinellis, Stan Lee and Cassandra Peterson.