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Victoria Schmidt, aka “Scruffy Rebel”, has been an avid cosplayer and convention-goer for the past 14 years. After meeting her fiancé, Jinyo, at Anime Expo in 2005, the pair have enjoyed pooling their talents and resources together to recreate iconic and beloved characters ever since. Jinyo loves to tackle large and technically challenging costumes like General Grievous, an originally designed Tron party dress, and a giant-sized Mighty Mugg Chewbacca, whereas Victoria tackles any and all costumes like a crazy person. Some of her most recognized cosplays include Ahsoka Tano, Slave Leia, and Rainbow Dash. She has also been used as a reference model for the likeness of Jaina Solo in official Star Wars artwork from renowned Star Wars artists Joe Corroney and Chris Trevas.
Besides cosplay, geek fashion is Victoria’s biggest passion in life. Co-creator of the geek fashion and style blog, Set to Stunning, she enjoys tracking the developments and trends of geek chic related fashion, as well as providing DIYs, style advice and geek ensemble examples.
Longtime members of The Rebel Legion, Victoria and Jinyo enjoy spending their spare time appearing in their Star Wars costumes at charity events, fundraisers and hospitals, as well as participating in the annual Course of the Force relay and raising funds for Make-A-Wish.
You may have recently seen the pair on SyFy as cast members of the docu-reality miniseries, Heroes of Cosplay!

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